I inherited my love of gardening from my father.  As long as I can remember and no matter where we lived, he always had a vegetable garden in the backyard, and every day after work and all day Saturday and Sunday, he would be in the garden preparing the soil, planting, maintaining the plants, and picking the vegetables.  When I grew up, I started out with a vegetable garden as well, but for much of my adult life my ultimate goal has been a koi pond.

So, I started saving.  A few dollars here and there, a little left-over cash from the previous payday -- all of it went into a hiding place, and when I had enough, I build my pond.

As with all water features, it is a constant work in progress.  Most of the vegetables are gone now, but I've added flower gardens to my pond landscape.

So come inside, look around, and let me know what you think.

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