My koi are the living jewels of the pond.  They are friendly and playful, and will tear up most plants that I have tried to introduce.  I have water lilies in the pond, but if I don't put a cage over the top of the pot, the fish will tear the lily right out of the gravel.  The pond is bare liner, except for the gravel that the fish have managed to get out of the pots.  Lilies must also have sturdy stems, or the fish will break them off. 

Below, trying to get those last few morsels between the edging stones. 

 Cocoa, below, is very shy and seldom comes to the top except for food.  He was from the spawn that inspired the enlarging of the pond, and he has some of the prettiest fins I've ever seen.

 Below, poetry in motion.  Even a blurred shot shows the beauty of the longfinned koi.

 Below, watched by the cat.  Gives scope to the size of the koi.

 Below, look closely at the first group of markings behind Bandit's head and you will see a human face -- hair parted in the middle, eyes, and a mouth (or mustache, depending on your imagination).

 Below, Sophie the cat meets Silver the koi

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